The Jazz Butcher Releases Roadrunner
[album cover] [album cover]
Classification: Single, 12"
Label: Glass
Catalogue: Glass 1204
Date: Aug1984
Recorded: April 1984, Beck, Wellingborough
A-Groove: Bigger than Elvis
Roadrunner (Richman)

Pat Fish - Guitar, Organ, Vocals
Max Eider - Electric Guitar, Organ, Vocals
David J. - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Owen Jones - Drums, Vocals
Marc and Paul of the Hackney Horns
Derek Tomkins - engineer
Mitch Jenkins - photography
Buffalo Shame - sleeve
This record is for Sterling
Liner Notes
I still can't believe we've made this record. Big isn't it? I don't know what the A side is about. Rain is about the weather, but not really, and you get a special bonus when Max "Twilight Zone" Eider sings about his hobby. I like it, Dave likes it, Jones likes it, but Max doesn't seem to be around just now. Maybe you could like it for him. Be good now, Your Pal, The Butcher X.
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