Live Performance


Date: Friday, 8th of April 1994 765788400 (23 years 173 days ago)
Venue: The Mean Fiddler
Location: 24 High Street Harlesden, London England NW10
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Dave Henderson ( guitar ) , Gabriel Turner ( drums )

Pat Says


In Pat's words, they had been together theoretically for a week, but in practice, since lunchtime. So anyway, it was good. I love the venue, and Pat seemed to be really comfortable there too. As usual, paying customers numbered about three. Pat brought a fairly hefty entourage down from Northampton, and the support acts had plenty of friends along for moral support too. The new look conspiracy was in experimental mode, and was less frenetic than the band I saw at The Powerhaus, which is probably no bad thing.
Credit: Matt Cockerill


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