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Date: Monday, September 22nd 1997 874886400 (24 years 248 days ago)
Venue: The Great American Music Hall (Website)
Location: 859 O'Farrell St San Francisco California USA
Admission: $12.00
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals )
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Credit: Murray Digby



San Francisco Bay Guardian (San Francisco,CA), Wed, Nov 5th 1997


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One word: perfect.
Credit: Will Nerini

Max is my new hero, and i hope he finds the time and/or desire to return to music as his primary profession. i will be hounding the local record stores for a copy of "Best Kisser" now. I met great people off this list, thanks David, Bob, and Anne for all your work on making this happen... and if they ever want to come back, I'd be happy to throw in for a plane ticket fund.

This was my first chance to see Max in person. Not only can the man *play* ("inhuman" is how my non-JBC-literate date described his guitar work), but he also has an amazing voice. There's a hint of it on record, but nothing like the vocal form he showed last night. A truly magic evening, 'twas. Cheers to everybody who made it possible.
Credit: Craig Kolb

pat & max. & a kazoo. wot? you don't remember the kazoo in any jbc song? sure, you know that bit in DRINK with the kazoo solo? oh. you sure it was a trombone? well, maybe you're right. but not this night. max was definitely the hit of the evening. i was certainly glad of the chance to see him play. he really gets into it, eyes squeezed tight shut & grimacing. he & pat really seemed to have fun together, too. it'd be shame if they never did it again. i loved the version of zombie love--pat hit top form and it was the best rendition of that soung i've heard. it ended the set, right? angels and roadrunner were the encores i think. listening to _draining the glass_ now the songs seem too busy with bass & drums & stuff.
Credit: Greg Dykema

Seeing Pat and Max perform together again took me back ten years. Back to the days when CDs were making records obsolete. But, I loved my records, especially all the JBC ones with those funny little messages inscribed near the label. I had only seen the Jazz Butcher perform once in 1986 at the Berkeley Square in California. Being underage at the time I had to use my older sister's ID to get into the club. Little did I know that that would be the only time I'd see Pat and Max perform together until last night. I fell off the face of the earth in 1987, left all my beloved music behind and only resurfaced this year. Can you imagine I missed the whole music scene of the last decade? Everything after Distressed Gentlefolk was new to me...But I could still sing along to all those familiar songs sung at the show last night. Needless to say, those two gentlemen performing at the charming GAMH are still as cool and dapper as ever.
Credit: Theresa Zarate

the Great American Music Hall. right next door to the acclaimed O'Farrell Theatre girly joint is the Hall - a very beautiful old theatre - marble columns, balcony, the whole bit. to say the least, it was an ON night it was odd how quiet everyone was during the songs as though they were trying to absorb the thing completely. of course, mayhem ensued between the tunes. taped? yes. success.
Let us have it!
OK, you taped the gig, it was a solid how about making this recording available to the fans????


Credit: Cheeso 2004-10-31 22:19:48 (Sunday, 31st of October 2004 - 17 years 205 days ago)
Best Show Ever
That was the best show I have ever seen! I have seen many..
Credit: Patrick, Payson Utah 2015-09-26 13:32:02 (Saturday, 26th of September 2015 - 6 years 239 days ago)

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Set 1
1. Soul Happy Hour
2. Who Loves You Now?
3. Girlfriend
4. Southern Mark Smith
5. Whaddya?
6. La Mer
7. Girls Who Keep Goldfish
8. D.R.I.N.K.
9. Mr. Odd
10. Raking Up The Leaves ( Max Eider )
11. Partytime
12. Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)
13. Water
14. It Has To Be You ( Max Eider )
15. Just Like Bettie Page
16. Zombie Love
17. Angels
18. Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman)
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Best Show Ever
That was the best show I have ever seen! I have seen many..
Patrick, Payson Utah 26Sep2015 1:32 PM
Let us have it!
OK, you taped the gig, it was a solid how about making this recording available to the fans????

Cheeso 31Oct2004 10:19 PM