Date: Saturday, October 20th 2001 1003561200 (18 years 51 days ago)
Venue: The Cardigan Arms
Location: Leeds England
Admission: £2:00
⭐ With
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )


I'll be doing a solo show on Saturday 20th October at The Cardigan Arms in Leeds. It's £2:00 to get in. You get: me solo, Mrs. Pilgrimm, and Curtis E. Johnson, in that order. The paper says: "All will perform acoustically in a lovely function room containing a bar". That sounds all right, then.

(It's the work of Team Borscht, the Saab 77 guys' little organisation. They're putting on the Wilson gig the night before, so here I am roped in again the next night. That's two unsolicited solo jobs in a week out of nowhere. Purely accidental, I assure you. Like, there won't be any more of this sort of thing for a good while. And what the heck am I going to play? I know! Art Misery. No, probably not, actually. I dunno. People can turn up and find out. I'll take requests if I can play them, but I'm not doing bloomin' Merry Christmas Everybody, all right?)

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