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Sat, Dec 1st 2012 6:00pm
@ Basement Bar
Tokyo Japan
💬 📷 ⭐ 📝 [pat&max] [setlist] 🎼
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  • "Running on Fumes"
    amy[at] - Minneapolis MN US
    31Dec2020 4:02 PM (17 days 1 hour ago)
    GREAT song. Pat played it again new year's eve concert. Honestly one of his best songs ever imo, and that's from a fan since 1986! Will it be released in a studio version?

    Much love.
  • May 1 and May 2 1998 players
    albertgresens[at] - Al. Gresens
    1May2019 9:02 PM (1 year 261 days ago)
    It was Garrick Simmons on bass guitar for the May 1, 1998 show at The Point and May 2, 1998 Private Wedding.