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  • Wasted Years CD's
    johnnybrew[at] - John Hall (Indianapolis)
    12Jan2018 1:49 PM (250 days 23 hours ago)
    I am curious if the Wasted years re-issue have been remastered/remixed or whatever. I already own all these discs, though my copy of Big Planet/Scarey Planet has a very annoying skip during one of the songs. I also thought the vocal tracks on that album were a little muddy or surpressed.

    Always happy to send some cash Pats way. His music has lifted my life for over a quarter century. (That's Big Scary).

    Pat, I am the same brewer from Chicago you met on the 2000 tour. Still brewing and playing your music in the brewery every chance I get.
  • jumping
    matthewbrunswick[at] - Matthew Melbourne
    26Dec2017 6:26 PM (267 days 18 hours ago)
    My two year old daughter got so excited dancing to "Looking for Lot 49" that she jumped into the air for the first time ever.

  • gig
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume Brussey
    20Oct2017 12:04 AM (335 days 13 hours ago)
    Hello, is there a jazzbutcher gig for every day of the year...?
  • Good time had ATLANTA festival
    apples_1215[at] - BRENDA Atlanta Georgia
    28May2017 4:44 PM (1 year 114 days ago)
    Sounds were great temperature is just right Wonderful night in downtown Atlanta
  • re:Washington DC
    liseroussel[at] - Lise Toronto
    11May2017 3:57 AM (1 year 132 days ago)
    Hi Pat,

    Just wondering if you have written any songs about the fiascoes happening in Washington DC? I think you would be the perfect laureate to comment on these dark days. I read this morning that press secretary Sean Spicer was hiding in the bushes to try to avoid reporters. Alas, it has come to this!