The Jazz Butcher Releases Southern Mark Smith

Classification: Single, 7" (only) from A Scandal In Bohemia
Label: Glass
Catalogue: Glass 027
Date: Sep1983
Recorded: Summer 1983, Beck Wellingborough

Southern Mark Smith
Jazz Butcher -v- Count Dracula

The Players
Pat Fish (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
Max Eider (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Alice Thompson (Organ)
Rolo McGinty (Bass)
Kevin Haskins (Drums)
Liner Notes
Recorded in the summer of 1983 in a place called Wellingborough, a small town in the middle of England where even the children are scarey! "Hey, mister, can you SEE in them glasses?" I get to sing and play things like guitar, sax and piano.

Max does the electric guitar. On bass is Rolo McGinty, and Princess Alice Thompson plays the organ. They're both in The Woodentops now, a group internationally recognised as being the shortest collection of pop musicians in the world. Playing the drums is Kevin Haskins, a charming neighbour of mine, and veteran of the Bauhaus conspiracy. Miaowula!

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  • Southern Mark Smith ...
    weldon[at] - Weldon
    23Feb2009 11:32 PM (8 years 34 days ago)
    is a beautiful song. I'm just listening to it now after many years and it's giving me goosebumps. I'll just leave it at that!