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The Saint Of Love
The Stone... - NN1 - 1Jun2001 10:34 AM
Steve is cool. Beautiful!

Steve is my hero!
craig_shields... - ex-Lake Forest, IL - 22Oct2003 3:02 PM
What more can I say?

Steve Valentine is a Yellow Bellied, Lily-Livered, carpet-bagging Scallawag!
thestouter... - Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. - 24Feb2004 9:18 AM
That is to say,
He has taught me much over the years!
How I miss that,irresistably charming scoundrel!

Sonic elf

Steve Valentine
drinklemonade... - Dallas, Texas, USofA - 31Mar2004 7:57 AM
Nicely done, sir! Mighty proper of you...

-Jay Erdmann

jaystarmer... - Lake Bluff USA - 12Jul2004 3:10 PM
I miss you man - akajabee???????

Well done Steve!
tagomago7... - Gavin Murphy - 8Aug2004 8:57 PM
Well I guess I must take credit for making that first somewhat nervous call to Pat Fish from Santa Cruz in late 1998 trying to book the Butcher for Luc Von Akreds wedding.

Trading my copy of Best Kisser Cd on Bigtime to the owner of this site helped open the door-really..Thank you Mr Whittemore!

But I am glad that you picked up the reigns and did it so well. Two major tours, helping produce Max Eiders second solo Lp, and all this with the help of Bauhaus members Kevin Haskins and David J- another Lake Forest High School favorite of ours and Steven Tossey and Cash Crooks (I will never forget..Rest In Peace S&C).

Perhaps there was some divine intervention here all around. I always knew that your bass playing was more than adequate to do the job.

PS: I am back in Cali Steve and doing well- too much rain in PDX!

hey Gavin Murphy
somedont... - SDW - 14Dec2004 11:49 AM
Sorry for the unrelated post, but I've been trying to get in touch with Gavin Murphy (the guy who left the last post here) on behalf of an old friend of his. The email address he left seems to be dead now. If anybody can help me contact him, please let me know. Thanks a lot.

5442 Broadway
rbracho... - Ricardo Bracho, Los Angeles - 15Dec2004 4:35 PM
Hey, Are you the Steve Valentine who was my roommate way back when?

Where the Fuck is Steve Valentine?
psrprod2001... - DWC in Alameda, CA - 16Jan2005 8:38 PM
Can we swear on this?

I recognize a few names on this board from LF/LB... the last I heard from Steve was on New Year's 2000 and my girlfriend lost the number. I had to dump her as a result of her clumsiness. Oh, I forgot this was about Steve, and not me.

Steve is sexy and talented.

There are plenty of expatriate LFers who might want to seem him perform or make an appearance in SF. Any information would be appreciated.


Where is Valentine, Pt. 2?
francesca... - Francesca DiBrito - 28Jan2005 2:36 PM
Hi all, just googled and found this... I am another LF'r and I'm
also looking for steve... he told me he moved to los angeles...
can't find his number either but remember it was a 310 .. my
husband and I are moving there in a few months and would love
to drive around in his station wagon (does he still have that?!)

Francesca DiBrito

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