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fucking brillant
ukla22... - Omaha, NE - 7Sep2003 5:33 PM
this is one of your best. I'm always at a loss for how Condition Blue got left out as I think it might be your most complete piece.

long time
mdiwan... - Dwight Calgary Canada - 4Mar2005 7:10 PM
Iím sitting and ripping some of my cherished butcher collection for my ipod. Harlan, sweetest song I had heard in awhile as memory recalls when I first got the cd. I Had the opportunity to see pat and the boys do it live in Winnipeg during the subsequent on performance -it was a great show.

h2ofuego... - James Duval - 28Feb2009 6:28 PM
Harlan live from Mallorca 96' reunion show is one of the most beautiful renditions I've heard of any song ever!!

krawczyk.mark... - Mark (Baltimore, MD...or points thereabout) - 16Jun2010 1:22 PM
Harlan is my favorite Jazz Butcher song.

It's just damn beautiful, uplifting, and heartbreaking all at once.

Thanks for writing and recording this song. Really. Thank you.

gexley... - Ginger Exley, Boston USA - 9Jun2013 11:41 PM
Hi, I'd just like you to know that I actually had the opportunity to meet Harlan Ellison about ten years ago at a writing workshop, and I gave him my copy of Condition Blue, so he could hear the awesome song written about him. After that I could not find the album again for awhile. Recently I found it to be available again and I have been enjoying it as much as I used to, and "Harlan" is still my favorite.

tictok... - Mark Owens Grand Rapids, Michigan - 30Jul2014 7:11 AM
Though I had not heard of The Jazz Butcher before, I bought the CD because of the track entitled "Harlan" (Harlan Ellison). Why? I wanted to add it to my Little Ellison Wonderland collection of my long time friend
Harlan Ellison's work (and those things that are creatively connected to Harlan, such as art and music). Was I happy? Yes, I was indeed happy.

RIP Mr. Ellison
dougenglish... - DE - 29Jun2018 7:53 AM
RIP Mr. Ellison. I largely learned about your work from this song, which is my second favorite song from my favorite JBC record.

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