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I feel your pain, Butch
cheeso65... - Alhambra, CA USofA - 25Feb2003 7:12 PM
Sorry to hear you lost your friend Tom Hall. Maybe next time you visit LA you can play a few of his tunes for us.

Be cool,


Tom Hall
you... - mikewimpress[at] - 28Feb2003 1:43 PM
yeah i was a mate of tom in 1966, he was an absolute stand alone then, he had the whole scene weighed up, calculated and dusted, superb musician and rememberer of songs,... so long ago. I wish i had known him longer \Mick wimpress

Tom Hall
40hole5... - Wheeling,West Virginia, USA - 2Mar2003 5:18 PM
It was my privilege to know Tom and to jam with him in my home in West Virginia, in his home in Northampton, and in a number of different pubs/bars on both sides of the Atlantic. The world is a less colorful, richly textured place and interesting place since Tom Hall no longer inhabits it. He will be sadly missed but never forgotten.

Tom Hall's passing.
marko.griff... - Northampton UK - 3Mar2003 11:27 AM
Hi Pat
Manyt hanks for your fitting tribute to Tom. Beautifly
done Dear Boy! Could I ask a small favour ? As I don't
have a web site would you please consider posting my
tribute on your site . I'm sure your fans and friends
would be more interested in Toms exploits than
'Shadows fans' ,which is where I also thought of putting
it . If this would be ok ,how do I go about it? I would
really appreciate it.
Regards Mark ( Griffiths )

Tom Hall
ian.hannent... - Northampton - 6Mar2003 1:30 PM
It was with great sadness that I read in yesterdays Chronicle & Echo the death of Tom Hall.I first met Tom at the Angel folk club in Bedford in 1974 and saw him at venues around the uk over the next28 years. I hope that someone will organise a memorial concert for him in Northampton.Perhaps the town council should name a street after him or better still someone name a pub after him (one that has live music obviously).A great man who will be sadly missed.
Ian Hannent

Tom helped me
pedrocarlos1... - Leicester[at]-remove-England - 8Mar2003 3:56 PM
I have spent seven years of my life in Northampton (1978-1983 and 1985-1987) and Tom besides, entertaining me, sorted me out a little.

Thank you Tom and may God look after you the same way that you looked after so many of us.

Peter Norman
8 Raglan Court
319 London Road
0116 270 1107

For info when I was in N'pton I worked for Baxters (Butchers) Ltd at their Head Office on Vicoria Prom, Gloucester and then at Wootton.

I've seen a lot of animals being killed.

Tom Hall
ianwinterton... - Newcastle upon Tyne - 11Mar2003 9:40 AM
Dear JazzButcher

Just to say cheers for a heart-felt and moving tribute to Tom Hall. Went looking for stuff on him and yours was the first Google gave me. As a Northampton boy (sort of, born in Isleworth but moved there in 1985) I had the pleasure of meeting Tom through his life-long friend Steve, the father of two of my friends. Met him at a party as a teenager and, as well as getting me blind drunk he also introduced me to Mississipi John Hurt and said I had hair just like his used to be in the Sixties (I find this hard to believe as, this being 1990, I had crusty white-boy dreads, but what the hell). Anyway, it goes without saying that Tom will be missed by a hell of a lot of people and we should definitely have some sort of tribute and pub and statue built in his honour. He's already immortalised in one work of art at least - the first edition of Alan Moore's Big Numbers comic, set in a fictionalised Northampton. The artist, Bill Sienkiwicz was sketching characters in the Black Lion, as it was, and coincidentally drew Tom, unaware that he was a mate of Alan's. That's quite enough from me.

Cheers, Tom.

seandavitt... - gog davitt - 11Mar2003 1:00 PM
I wnet back to Northampton for the weekend
and was sad to hear there was something
mising. Tom was great for all my family. From
sunday afternoons as a kid in the Black Lion
what a great place to frow up.

I think the town needs a statue of him big
enough for kids young and old to sit on his
knee and have their first snort of snuff.

lets get wrting to the CHRON & ECHO

greatly missed

gog davitt

Tribute to a legend
graham... - northampton,uk - 14Mar2003 9:51 AM
On february 25th northampton lost one of its greatest son's.I had the privelege of being a friend of Tom's for around 23 years.I met Tom in 1980,introduced at a party by pete connolly.Tom was lying on a bed playing guitar looking at me,saying,who's this crazy fucker.Anyway i got to know Tom quite well and he introduced me to the Black lion mob,a crazy bunch of nice guys.In the last couple of years,Tom quit drinking.I found him a really gentle soul,who was very funny without drink.Tom was in my house about 9 months ago "sharon where's my fuckin' trousers",running about like a madman,Tom was better at ozzy than ozzy himself.After the grief I want to remember Tom just as a really nice guy,manys a day he brightened the world up for a lot of us out there.Yeah,i feel as if someones cut my arm off,so lets raise or glasses or cups of tea,to the legend TOM HALL.Rest easy old friend.I'll never forget you.Graham(Belfast).

pam... - northampton,uk - 14Mar2003 10:06 AM
My tribute to tom
The man with the heart as big as the aura that surrounded him.
I've often heard folk talk of legends,but i can say that among many,many other's,I had the great honour of knowing a real one.Never have I seen so many broken people,so much pain.
But to all the Dave's,Mark's,graham's,Alan's,Pete's,Steve's Nick's,Chris' and uncle Tom's cobblers and all,Tom meant colour and laughter,not sorrow and pain.To know him was to love him.
PAM(a mere window cleaner)

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