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the woodentops
betsyslu... - Riverside, CA, USA - 14Jul2001 3:00 PM
Dear Pat,

I'm moving and rediscovered records I've forgotten about. Among them were albums by The Woodentops. I swear that's you singing. Is it?


p.s. Upon re-reading this message, I must say that I'm glad I rediscovered these albums. When I listen to them once again, a hole in me is filled. Are you guys ever going to re-release some of your earlier stuff on cd (aside from live versions)? I have lots of holes that need filling.

garysth... - 6Apr2002 3:29 PM
good 2 c you´re doing stuff

djerob... - Djerob - 21May2002 1:17 PM
Distressed Gentlefolk passed through my
transom years and years ago, stuck as it was
part of the great CD conversion of '91. I know
NOTHING of the remaining body of work.
Suggestions? djerob[at]

Instrumental question
lytical ... - lytical - 2Jan2003 4:13 PM
What sort of Rubber Animals?......Have you ever tried Leatherette?

Hey Patrick, it's me Patrick...
tuttyman... - Vancouver, B.C. - 17May2003 2:28 PM
Pat, if you can, drop me a line. It would be great to hear from you. Last saw you in NYC, but I'm back in Canada now and might be coming to England this summer. Would be good to hook up and have a pint.
take care,
patrick hemingway

Gillian Barclay saying hello
you... - 28May2003 2:14 PM
Just thought i'd post a greeting to you both.
are you gigging, any london dates? though i am prepared to travel for a good time. Sorry to say am not connected to the internet, but the post office will deliver traditional mail to gillian
barclay [at]-remove- 29 monmouth street, covent garden, london wc2h 9dd. yours in eager anticipation*x*

andyhilton... - Co.Cavan,Eire - 29Jun2003 3:59 PM
Oi Fish,probably won't remember moi,but i spent a lot of
time ingratiating meself with you lot at Mackenzie Rd
and on European jaunts 84\85.Great times for me,never
forgotten-sorry to read about Kizzy,had good craic with
him too.All power to yer sikkorski,noone atLSE could
ever get what you were about either!Good Luck mate.

cardboardbadgerhat... - Brighton, England - 1Jul2003 4:17 PM
Hi Mr.Butcher,
Merci boucoup pour le CD avec East-Ham Bull et Des Personnes avec Qualite.
A great listen.My daughter says it's cool too.
Was great to meet you in Kilkenny last whenever.
Cheers guv,
Nick Pynn

Credit where credit is due
aoxq26... - TheEntirePopulationOfStocktonOnTees - 2Jul2003 4:01 PM
Thanks for existing and doing what you do.

Nice job!

Trip to San Francisco?
ingrid_whitehead... - New York, New York - 1Oct2003 10:36 AM
Hey Pat. I know you're a busy man, with many
activities and two cats that need much

And yet, you've played at a special wedding
before. Could you be coerced to bring JBC to
San Francisco November of 2004? What
would it cost? These are the things I wonder.

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