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Olof Palme
steve.hyde... - Oxford, UK - 14Sep2003 5:55 PM
Does anyone know the chords ?

ed51... - Esther from Leicester - 8Apr2007 1:36 PM
hello, my name is esther and im from leicester!!

jesusblood... - Tofu Fuzzyhead, Somerset - 17Dec2007 1:30 PM
More chords and tab please!!!

More tabs please
bschultz72... - brandumb - 12Apr2009 9:33 PM
Butcher, could you do more tabs? I have a tone deaf ear but love playing your songs. Please let me murder them in their proper key...


Dean Reed
tm-scruggs... - T.M. Scruggs, Berkeley, North California - 17Dec2009 10:54 AM
Hi, love your tune on Dean Reed.
1.) so how'd you happen to come across Dean? I'm guessing from the Comrade Rockstar book and/or BBC production(?) We simply can NOT get a copy of the BBC show here in the US, so I haven't seen it.
2.) can you tell me/us the long story?: [you wrote]:
They walked out of the house
with no trouble at all
they walked out of the house
and they went through The Wall
(This is a vile perversion of a sixties DDR pop song about The Wall. It's a long story. )

dean reed
keithjones... - the butcher, NN1 - 18Dec2009 7:35 PM
I can't remember how, but I was certainly aware of Dean Reed in the eighties. His rather mysterious death certainly attratced attention in the UK press. Later I read Comrade Rockstar. Reggie Nadelson can't write, if you ask me. I did see the BBC show, which was quite interesting but was not helped by the involvement of La Nadelson. The "house" thing is based on an old East German pop song, where the "house" was clearly supposed to be the DDR itself. You'd probably have to ask Steve Winkler about that one...Pat x

doctor anthrax
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - 24Oct2017 2:16 PM
Hello, am I wrong or "doctor Anthrax"'s lyrics are missing ?

You don't know me?
p.sarram... - Peter Rome - 13Jul2020 5:54 AM
From the Live session last night (July 2020), what's the title of the "you don't know me // never give up" song and where has it been recorded?

Hobbu song
lesguillaumepch... - Pierre Guillaume - 22Nov2020 7:35 AM
Hello, I think there is missing lyrics for the Hobbu Song from the 2000 US tour supporting CD...!!

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