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Leighton Cousins... - Northampton, UK - 25Jun2005 10:53 AM
Is anybody going to sort out the tom hall website?

PLease can we have a reply to this message A.S.P.

Thank You..............

Tom Hall. Who Knew ?
nick.slater... - Nick S - 24May2005 5:20 AM
Fuck. I have just heard Tom bloody Hall for the first time on the Rocking for Romania c.d (it was on in the Racehorse last Saturday afternoon. It starts with A House by the River. We could NOT believe this wasn't J Cash from the first few bars. Bloody amazing, as is Madame October, which could have easily been L Cohen or John Cale. And I've lived here in Northampton for five effing years, so stood a pretty decent chance of actually seeing the genius live and in the flesh before he passed on. But I didn't. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fucking Bollocks. Bloody Fucking Bollocks. I am furious. And sad. I mean, what a brilliant bloke...

Pat - keep up the sterling work, by the way - I'll see you 3rd of June and probably moan about this for some time, even though you hardly know me. I'll say it again Bollocks. And Fuck. Again. And again and again and again, until the government put his entire back catalogue out in all the primary schools as a New Key Stage One in 'Stupefyingly Brilliant and Mental Studies'.

Tom Hall
derekmorey... - Derek Morey, Kings Lynn Norfolk - 8Mar2004 11:01 AM
I remember seeing the Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band on two occassions in the early eighties at the Arts Centre in Builth Wells, Powys, Wales.

At the second gig, unfortunately the audience was probably no more than a dozen. This did not deter or upset Tom however. After a couple of numbers he walked off the stage and simply invited us all to join him in the bar, where we all had a fantastic evening joining in as he sang and played his eclectic range music which was individual as the man himself.

I still have the two vinyl albums I bought that night. Tom signed them and drew a small caricature of him sinking a pint, plus the words "I like a nice pint". A great man and musician.

Stay forever on the Brightlit Pier.

A year has past.
From college.... - Graham son - 26Feb2004 4:31 AM
A year past yesterday. It has gone very fast. WE ALL MISS YOU TOM.

tomhall tribrute
nickatnorthsaints... - nickwood denverusa /northampton. england - 15Feb2004 9:41 PM
I HAD JUST CAME FROM DENVER ,USA THE MORNING BEFORE . so thanks for this great time .

Hi Will
COUSINS FAIMLY... - SENT FROM: - 8Jan2004 5:55 AM
How are doing? I am seding this from colleage. Its Graham son Leighton.

I went on your website and liked it very much.

Tom's Web Site
hallfamily... - Northampton - 7Jan2004 9:22 AM
I tried to knock together a bit of a website whilst I have been home.

It has got some pictures and a discography, that kind of thing.

cheers, Will Hall.

Tom Hall - The Entertainer
Des Cooney dcooney... - Paris, France - 21Oct2003 9:43 AM
I've just discovered while surfing the web that my old friend Tom Hall, the entertainer has 'passed on'. Ah the good times we had in the Black Lion in the mid eighties ....... what great 'joie de vivre' this man always showed.

Wherever you are headed Tom ...... ' may the road rise to meet you'.

Des Cooney

Hello friends!
aniko.lewis... - Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin USA - 29Sep2003 8:20 PM
Pat - thank you so much for your beautiful words. What a wonder it is for me to be miles away from my home town, and be able to offer words of fond memories to friends and family of Tom, who I knew well when I lived in Northampton.
When I heard the news that Tom had passed on, I felt suddenly homesick. I would have loved to have been part of the memorial event and I hope to hear about it some day. I am happy for Tom that his life was celebrated so well by his friends and family.
When I was about thirteen years old, Tom and his music enchanted me! My mum, Judy (Yes, THE famous Judy Lewis of 10 Primrose Hill) was wonderful enough to somehow sneak me in to the pubs to sing with Tom and all the friends that gathered around. Those were marvelous, rich evenings that made my teenage years exciting and fresh and anything but boring. When Tom played the Rep, he invited me to dance on the stage in my tap shoes! I was about twelve or thirteen then.
Thank God I grew up with talented, down to earth, beautiful, loving, eccentric characters like Tom! Yes, he was one of a kind. (And Pat, you are one of those too by the way! The last time I saw you we drove to Cambridge and talked about everything from philosophy to old bones!)
Northampton will not be the same without Tom Hall.

Fare well,

Aniko Lewis

Thanks to everyone
hallfamily... - Will Hall - 7Sep2003 1:30 PM
I would just like to thank everyone who attended the memorial event last night. It made everyone hard work worthwhile and I believe an enjoyable night was had by all. I should get a web site up soon, but going back to uni might stunt its growth somewhat.

Cheers. Will.