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abus dangereux
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 9May2016 6:22 AM
3 cheers for Abus Dangereux, french magazine who has very good taste with his interview of Mr Fish: 2 pages, one colour photo and one song (animals) on the CD sampler offered with every magazine !

steve garofalo
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume - 25Mar2016 5:25 AM
So sorry for this loss even if I didn't know him and I didn't saw him play with you...!!!

New Album
thomastomasska... - Thomas Tomasska: Gloucestershire - 16Feb2016 8:28 AM

Condition no longer blue!

Fire Records
EchoBmen... - Mark R, Brooklyn, NY - 4Dec2015 3:13 AM
Great news on your deal with Fire. Better a deal with Fire than to play with it. Long time fan, and while my CD version of GENTLEMAN ADVENTURERS will do, I am so happy that your stuff will soon be available once again -- that once the re-releases happen. I guess I'll have to take down my duplicate CD copy of FISHCOTHEQUE from Amazon, which is posted at $100+. THAT'S how happy I am.

Looking forward to a new record from you.

doc6502... - Doc, Chicago - 23Nov2015 9:05 AM
After all this time, Fire finally got itself together. This does, of course, call for a tour of the US.

New JBQ recordings.
drop... - Phillip Lewis, Kuranda, Australia - 2Nov2015 3:28 AM
Delighted to hear the news of any new Jazz Butcher material. Congratulations guys. If you do rerelease Big Planet I won't need to buy a turntable.

re-releases and new music
john... - John Hall Chicago illinois - 8Oct2015 4:04 PM
Wonderful news! I had a lot of fun in the past hunting down your out of print CD's through E-Bay. I would have rather given the money directly to you. Any re-mastering or re-mixing planned? Always loved "Big Planet, Scarey Planet", but thought it sounded a little 'muddy'. Pardon the technical jargon. Can't wait to put some cash in your coffers.

Vinyl Gentleman/New Jazz Butcher Quartet Album
h2ofuego... - Jimmy Hollywoodland - 2Oct2015 2:04 PM
Seconded! Just landed from Hawaii and I must admit this is Great, Great news!! I've been eagerly awaiting the Vinyl release of "Last of The Gentleman Adventurers" since it was 1st proposed and of course eagerly anticipating any recordings "The Jazz Butcher Quartet" since they began performing! The holidays are a comin'! Thank you, for the great news Pat!! Let's see if I can't get back over to that side of the pond sometime in the near future! Missin' ya, from Hollywoodland, Jimmy D.

great news
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brussey - 30Sep2015 11:38 AM
great great news...!!

la mer sur France inter
les.guillaume... - Pierre Guillaume Brusser - 22Aug2015 6:55 AM
This morning at quarter to 9, I have heard "La mer" on the french radio France Inter...Very emotionnal...Here is the link:

Rare enough to be told...!!

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