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jaystarmer... - Lake Bluff USA - 12Jul2004 3:10 PM
I miss you man - akajabee???????

Steve Valentine
drinklemonade... - Dallas, Texas, USofA - 31Mar2004 7:57 AM
Nicely done, sir! Mighty proper of you...

-Jay Erdmann

Steve Valentine is a Yellow Bellied, Lily-Livered, carpet-bagging Scallawag!
thestouter... - Cincinnati, Ohio U.S.A. - 24Feb2004 9:18 AM
That is to say,
He has taught me much over the years!
How I miss that,irresistably charming scoundrel!

Sonic elf

Steve is my hero!
craig_shields... - ex-Lake Forest, IL - 22Oct2003 3:02 PM
What more can I say?

The Saint Of Love
The Stone... - NN1 - 1Jun2001 10:34 AM
Steve is cool. Beautiful!