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Who the heck is Harvey Dean?
m23prime... - Mark-Canada - 30Jan2011 8:21 PM
And what is he doing in this song, other than rhyming with Idi Amin?

All these years of listening to this fabulous song, and I never thought to ask...

song mp3
kokujin606... - Jin Kokuro - 6Apr2008 7:58 PM
I have The Devil Is My Friend. If anyone still wants it, please email me at kokujin606[at]

Any luck with the Devil?
mark.giesbrecht... - Mark in Waterloo - 24Nov2007 4:43 PM
Has anyone managed to buy or beg an mp3 of the
devil is my friend? I'm tired of dragging out
my turntable...

the devil is my friend
mikeglas... - Mike/Seattle - 10Aug2007 12:23 PM
Please, can anyone point me in the direction of where to purchase the song: The Devil is My Friend? Or can send me a copy digitally.

Bring back Bloody Nonsense
clownson... - Chris in Virginia - 5Jul2007 1:37 PM
Please? Please please please? Please re-release Bloody Nonsense on CD in the U.S.!!! I had an audio cassette of it long long ago, but it was stolen by a theiving miscreant and I've never been able to find another copy. Some of the songs have appeared on other albums, but the absence of "The Devil is My Friend" leaves a hole in my soul. Please- I and thousands of other U.S. fans are begging, re-release Bloody Nonsense! I'll pay through the nose for it! Really!

maghaberry... - Brian,Erdington,U.K - 27Apr2007 3:51 AM
Does anyone out there know of a site that I can download this track from? Please post it if you do, Cheers

Devil Is My Friend
purplevioletsquishies... - Salem, OR USA - 18Jan2005 2:23 AM
Even though the devil has never been my friend, this tune is downright catchy & wrought with humour. I remember in the latter 80's being with friends of mine listening to this album over & over again. I am not into the party scene anymore but I think we got a bit carried away because the Devil Is My Friend is practically the ONLY song I remember from this album despite the fact we listened to this album everytime we went somewhere looking for the next party.

Reissue or Electric
tancread(at)tanzanica(dot)com... - Long Clawson, UK - 16Oct2004 10:26 AM
I still hum this one to myself. You really should make some of these older songs avaialable again. I am sure one the more artist friendly pay for download sites would love to get these great old songs.

henri_obi44... - Manchester - 21Aug2004 6:59 PM
I heard this song on the radio. There must be a way to listen to
it without buying the album; I am but a poor college student.
Multiple searches yielded no results. Why such a buried

Devil is my friend
Homewood, IL... - mcommmerford[at] - 26Feb2004 5:19 PM
Would like to find a recording, it's so much fun. We sing it to our kitten who bats the old cat. He's a devil, he's a bum!!!