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yehyehyeh... - the butcher, nn1 - 20May2013 5:38 PM
mr perry, sir. you may be correct in your observations on songwriters. i would hardly know, i have met but a few score. i would, however, like to point out that, lazy though i may occasionally be, i feign nothing. what on earth would be the point of feigning stuff at my age, really?

and it does say "stray steg".
there was a time at the turn of the nineties where I would, at shows, pop in the word "estegosaurio" just afterwards for, as the lawyers would have it, the avoidance of doubt.

the highest density of wild leopards in india today is in urban mumbai. for him who cannot see the simple romance of a stegosaurus on the loose in this cramped and regulated world of ours i genuinely have no time.

hope that helps,
pat x

you can't spell 'pedantic' w/out 'anal'
wmmperry... - Wm perry, Cincinnati, oh - 19May2013 11:24 AM
I always thought it was 'spaced egg'. Which sort of adheres to the songs own internal coherence. I think the next line suggests spaced eggs as a fearsome road/bar food. Nice.
The later 'major tom' motif is foreshadowed also, where it is transformed from a symbol of alienation and loss of meaning into a celebration of multi-valent potential and polymorphic connectedness. An uninflected secular oceanic self. Nice?
ahem...So, even if it says 'stray steg' up above, i don't buy it. songwriters often disdain to correct such mistakes, or even take them on as special cargo (ex: ECostello singing 'washing the defectives" is all i can come up with now but theres loads)
Songwriters in addition are often very lazy. SOme also, would not want you to think that they're too self involved or precious about they're songs.They will pretend to tie their shoe and let the error pass rather than become a gatekeeper of these things.
and a feigned inscrutability is a very basic tool of social interface

questionalble lyrics....
pamm77... - pam in vancouver - 12Feb2013 12:20 AM
In "Mr. Odd"

fourth line, "Stray Steg, etc."

For years, I've heard it as "straight stay, etc"

Deranged dinosaurs???? What do you mean?

thx from Lulu

madame odd
you... - 15Dec2002 4:35 PM
Je suis mademe odd

J'aime le polo

Avec des repas comme ca, on ne vas pas grossir!

est c'est vrai

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