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Too right
pierssutton... - Piers, California - 12Dec2008 1:12 PM
I'm lazy so just echoing what was already said. But I am sure you shouldn't mistake silence for a lack of fans. Great works, and more to come I hope :)

condition blue
markv421... - Cambridge Mass - 24Mar2003 7:53 PM
I never travel without this CD. No, not really, but some of the melodies are so GD delicious, I get goose flesh everytime. It must really frustrate you (PF) because you wrote some of the most potent English pop of the 80's-90's and you were never known. Makes me quite sad, really. I continually spread JB gospel. I mix you up next to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, Os Mutantes and White Stripes. You will always be a great man for including Chrissie Hynde in a lyric, even if it was scathing. She still matters to me as does Mark E. Smith.
Mark Vachon
Cambridge Ma

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