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Living Room, July 1984
pol.dodu... - Pol Dodu/JC Brouchard, France - 20Sep2009 7:19 AM
I was at a gig at The Living Room in July 1984, but my diary definitely says it was on the 20th, with Spit Like Paint and Vee V V supporting. I think at that time the Living Room gigs were at The Roebuck on Tottenham Court Rd.
Pictures from this show can be seen here :

Brogue Boots
kickboyface... - Claude - 12Sep2007 11:53 AM
and I also remember someone ELSE wearing a brand new pair of ten hole brogue boots to this gig that I had just bought FOR ME to use. And then this someone ELSE tried to put these boots back in the box in my room like they'd never been used. But I noticed the scuffs straight away. Yes. I noticed. And I have not forgotten these twenty-three years on.

Living Room Show
gregngardner... - Greg - 2Feb2002 10:28 PM
What a great show, I think it was upstairs at Pindar of Wakefield . . .. It was also the first time I saw the JBC, so maybe I'm impartial. I remember "Southern Mark Smith," "My Desert," "Love Kittens," and "Partytime." I remember David J. acting very un-Bauhauslike. I remember the person I was talking to before the show spilling a full pint on Max (by accident) before the set. I don't remember much else.

One opening act I do remember was "V Vee Vee."

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