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If the music business was more about music than business..... - Andy NN1 - 28May2007 12:39 PM
Having a Ka courtesy car for the weekend, complete with cassette player took me back to my early days of trekking to see Mr Fish play in my Mini. I had to smile as Rain started to play as I was being buffetted around on the A45 on the way to the village known as Woodford.
It was a good job my friend knew where we were headed, as I would never have found it.
The White Room was already full when we arrived. I would estimate about 15 people were in there. I have seen Pat in some small venues over the years, but this took the biscuit.
The people were friendly, the room was suitably dark and the Xmas Dinner in June seemed the only obvious choice of date.
The people who ventured to turn up were treated to a lovely session of old, new, borrowed and blue. The silent awe which greeted the climax of Sister Death was justly fitting. But there was not much hanging around before we moved seamlessly to a watery finale through Moon River, Tugboat Captain and out onto Niagara.
See you there Tuesday for £2 curry night !!

change of venue
headstone... - pat fish, NN1 - 16May2007 3:36 AM

This gig has moved from The Monk and minstrel in Isham to THE WHITE HORSE in WOODFORD, NN14. Again, we're talking about the extreme eastern side of Northamptonshire here, out beyond Kettering, I believe. Also on the bill is Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul and an outfit called Dave Boy Fish and the Wheel. Big fish night, then. Pat x

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