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monster ants
headstone... - Headstone, NN1 - 26Nov2006 7:10 PM
That set list in full...
Symphony of Terror/Two Dragons
Quality People
No Winners
Police Chief
Play it all Night Long
Buffalo Sniper
Dark Agenda
Battle Time Now

We're playing Masters of Budvar this Friday 1st December, by the way. It's free to get in. Support comes from the illustrious Will Carruthers (Spacemen 3/Spiritualised/Dope Aviators/Freelovebabies) and Misery Wilson and Nita Cooper will be your superstar DJs. Yup, Friday night at the Labour Club. Cheaper than watching the telly, really, and much louder.

Friday's gig
michael... - Michael, Oxford - 26Nov2006 9:30 AM
This was the fourth time I'd seen Wilson, and they were sounding better than ever, and looking more enthusiastic than before. The folk behind the mixing desk did justice to Misery's toe-trembling bass vibrations, and to both guitarists. The drums were the only low point: no criticism of Mr Beswick, but they weren't sounding quite as crisp as on previous occasions. Nevertheless, it rose to a high point on the penultimate track (the Che Guevara / Fidel Castro one) [Pat, could you post a setlist?], and then proceeded to a percussive explosion on the last one, which sounded like a gang of monster ants playing speed-freak samba.

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