The Jazz Butcher Feedback

July /masters of budvar
scott... - south Northamptonshire - 7Jul2005 7:02 AM
I loved it. Most of the bands were really good. I loved it. It was good. Most of the bands were rea...oh, i've already said that. I loved it. Keep up the good work. It was good. Good work.

Lincoln/Wilson/Northampton/Misterlee/Labour Club
leeallatson... - The Royal Borough of Leicester - 21Jun2005 3:51 AM
Hello Mr. Butcher
I have heard tell that we (Misterlee) are playing on a bill upon which you are also playing as a member of Wilson - in Lincoln, next to Wilkinsons?
Fun in the sun, then all the paint stripper you can carry!
I was hoping to find out a little more about these shows at The Labour Club... We're looking to play in Northampton again and it looks like an interesting night there.
Might you have a couple of minutes to drop me a line with some info?
Many thanks - see you next month,

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