The Jazz Butcher Feedback

review of gig
tbwatch... - john andrew fredrick - 23Jun2004 4:57 PM
novel idear indeed--review from the other side of
the lookinglass. most spiff, butchy boy, and had
us in stiches, esp. bit about brian ferry and
superlative cigarette. keep puffing. hopeful of
seeing Wilson stateside soon...ind

bott man bott
you... - 3Feb2004 3:26 PM
bott man bott he have no need to hide now,
only class C he he he.

MC Bot
headstone... - NN1 - 30Jan2004 6:19 AM
It's OK. We're going to disguise him...
as the former president of Iraq.

moles club
diggery... - thedirtydigger - 19Jan2004 3:49 PM
moles club? will they let MC Bot back in after his last performance there??

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