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andyzed1... - NN1 - 5May2002 12:42 PM
Here is a band growing in confidence and synergy.

due to some Twin Town incident, the band are a little late on "stage", but hey, what are we gonna do? ask for our money back !?!?

Curtis-Michel Jarre seems strangely interested by some Bauhausian enclave, but was having a whale of a time anyhow.
Pat and Ian were re-enacting the match of the previous day where the Spurs fans seemed inexplicably delighted to have handed the title to their one-time bitterest rivals. Next season, Botty, as always..... next season!

What can I say? This band can groove.

If you make only one gig this year (and assuming you can't get to see Rod Stewart at the NEC or Ozzfest), make it Wilson.

If you don't enjoy it, I'll give you your money back !

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