Live Performance


Date: Monday, 1st of November 1982 404985600 (34 years 270 days ago)
Venue: Hammersmith Palais
Location: London England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Alice Thompson ( organ, voice ) , Louis Leroi ( saxophone ) , Rolo McGinty ( bass )
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Opened for Bauhaus

Pat Says

Excerpt from 1989 Milwaukee Interview

INTERVIEWER: Now David J (Bass), he had joined up post-Bauhaus, right?

PAT FISH: Yeah, just about the time that "Ziggy Stardust" hit the top 10, they were doing some shows at Hammersmith Pallais, which is kind of a big venue.

Now, I knew Kevin (Haskins-Drummer for Bauhaus and Love & Rockets) and we had a phone call when I was at work. I got home and Alice said, 'Pat, they want us to support Bauhaus at Hammersmith Pallais." I thought, 'FREAK OUT! GET A BAND!"

So we rounded up a few people, we got Rolo (McGinty, guitarist-The Woodentops) and Alice and Max and me and this sax player we used to know.

We went up there and they hated us, it was brilliant. There was 2,000 people going, "FUCK OFF! FUCK OFF AND DIE!" We'd never been on a stage where there'd been guerrillas to protect us from the audience, but this time there was, so we thought, 'Great! Now we'll do 'Partytime'. Now we'll do 'Love Kittens'', and we just played all these ballads at these rabid gothics, it was great.

And they hated us. After the show, I said to Kevin, 'Well, thanks for asking us to do it, mate. It was quite an experience.' And he said, 'It wasn't me.' And it turned out it was his big brother, Dave, who I'd never met at that stage.

We just got on really well. We all sort of started hanging out. When he joined the band, we knew he was going to leave again. He joined officially for six months, but he ended up doing about ten.


Cool. This was the first time I saw the Butcher, didn't know who they were at the time, but they certainly stuck in my head. I'd never seen the review above. JB looks about 12! How was he allowed out so late?

Went to see Bauhaus last weekend & hoped (impossibly) that JB would be supporting them again. How deluded was/am I?? A lot.

Credit: Russ W. (Monday, 6th of February 2006 - 11 years 167 days ago)
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