Live Performance


Date: Sunday, 25th of September 1983 433321200 (33 years 190 days ago)
Venue: Abington Park
Location: Northampton England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Rolo McGinty ( bass )


northampton 1983
any chance we can get some images of northampton in and around 1983/4? these were some of my best years and i remember the butcher being about in those days. often got along to the black lion although as you can imagine it was all a bit of a haze. my crazy mum burned all of our photos in a fit of religion some time ago. anyone with gig photos etc, i think it would be interesting.


moi - mark

Credit: northampton (Friday, 9th of August 2002 - 14 years 231 days ago)
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