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Date: Friday, 20th of July 1984 459154800 (33 years 11 days ago)
Venue: The Living Room
Location: London England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , David J. ( bass ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals )
Credit: Vivonzeureux!


It is at the very end of my stay in London, July 20, 1984, I finally saw The Jazz Butcher at the Living Room, with Spit Like Paint and Vee VV in the first part. I do not think they played that night the resumption of Chinese envoy , one of the best songs from one of my favorite albums of John Cale, Music for a new society. Bizarrement, cette chanson n'a jamais été reprise sur aucune compilation de Pat Fish (alias The Jazz Butcher). Oddly, this song has never been taken on any compilation of Pat Fish (aka The Jazz Butcher).
Credit: Vivonzeureux!
Living Room Show
What a great show, I think it was upstairs at Pindar of Wakefield . . .. It was also the first time I saw the JBC, so maybe I'm impartial. I remember "Southern Mark Smith," "My Desert," "Love Kittens," and "Partytime." I remember David J. acting very un-Bauhauslike. I remember the person I was talking to before the show spilling a full pint on Max (by accident) before the set. I don't remember much else.

One opening act I do remember was "V Vee Vee."

Credit: Greg (Saturday, 2nd of February 2002 - 15 years 174 days ago)
Brogue Boots
and I also remember someone ELSE wearing a brand new pair of ten hole brogue boots to this gig that I had just bought FOR ME to use. And then this someone ELSE tried to put these boots back in the box in my room like they'd never been used. But I noticed the scuffs straight away. Yes. I noticed. And I have not forgotten these twenty-three years on.
Credit: Claude (Wednesday, 12th of September 2007 - 9 years 316 days ago)
Living Room, July 1984
I was at a gig at The Living Room in July 1984, but my diary definitely says it was on the 20th, with Spit Like Paint and Vee V V supporting. I think at that time the Living Room gigs were at The Roebuck on Tottenham Court Rd.

Pictures from this show can be seen here :

Credit: Pol Dodu/JC Brouchard, France (Sunday, 20th of September 2009 - 7 years 308 days ago)
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