Live Performance


Date: Saturday, 9th of August 1986 523954800 (30 years 354 days ago)
Venue: Town Pump
Location: Vancouver British Columbia Canada
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals ) , Felix Ray ( bass )


August 9, 1986
I remember it well. Jazz Butcher on the same bill with The Grapes Of Wrath, but playing first - the hometown boys must play last! A fantastic show! I couldn't believe my luck, I had just discovered JBC and 'Southern Mark Smith' and there they were playing.
Credit: ABC Vancouver (Tuesday, 6th of June 2006 - 11 years 47 days ago)
I was there!
Totally remember this night, in the summer of EXPO 86! Fell in love with the Devil is my Friend!
Credit: Shonna (Tuesday, 5th of January 2016 - 1 year 198 days ago)
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