Live Performance


Date: Thursday, 23rd of October 1986 530434800 (30 years 253 days ago)
Venue: Kingston Polytechnic
Location: London England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals ) , Alex Green ( saxophone ) , Richard Lohan ( bass )


Kingston Town
I know I'm a few years out of date here, but I've got a bit of catching up to do!

This was my first experience of the Butcher Band in the flesh, so carries very fond memories. Being a fresh faced youth in a foreign town, I was overjoyed to see that the Butcher Band would be in Tarbyville, so soon after embarking on a course at the Poly.... a little bit of home form home.

All I can remember after all this time is Pat leaving the stage to hunt for free beer during one of "Max's" tracks, my friend Debbie becoming a JBC convert after striking up (literally) a rapport with the bass player when his fag went out, and Pat being impressed at playing at an educational establishment which didn't have a bar called the Nelson Mandela Bar (all the rage at the time).

The other thing which has stuck has been my love of the live Butcher experience ever since. Bet I didn't think on that evening all those years ago that I'd be sitting here 15 years down the line on this new-fangled internet thingy penning my own memories for anyone with nothing better to do to read!

PS the only other band that played there in my 3 years was the Gary Glitter Band, so thanks for building my hopes up Pat!

Credit: NN1 (Sunday, 27th of January 2002 - 15 years 153 days ago)
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