The Jazz Butcher Gigs 1988 Jun12


What: Live Show
Venue: Odd Rock Cafe
Town: Milwaukee, WisconsinUSA
Date: Sunday, 12th of June 1988




Set 1
1. New Invention
2. Chickentown
3. Bicycle Kid
4. Burglar Of Love
5. Big Saturday
6. Angels
7. Bad Dream Lover
8. The Best Way
9. Looking For Lot 49
10. Southern Mark Smith
11. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
12. Jazz Butcher -v- Prime Minister
13. Mr. Odd
14. Zombie Love
15. The Devil Is My Friend
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  • Marvellous Concert!
    colingreen45[at] - Derby, England
    23Nov2002 3:14 AM (14 years 94 days ago)
    Played: New Invention, Chicken Town, Bicycle Kid, Burgalr Of Love, Big Saturday, Angels, Bad Dream Lover, The Best Way, Looking For Lot 49, Southern Mark Smith, Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present, JB VS PM, Mr Odd, Zombie Love and The Devil Is My Friend.

    Witty and informative asides linking and illuminating the setlist .... not that I was actually there though .... ahem!