Date: Friday, 7th of July 1989 615798000 (27 years 269 days ago)
Venue: Grosse Freiheit 36
Location: Hamburg Germany
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
Walkman, Quality: 5 (out of 10), Performance: A

Pat Says

With a little help from Peter Astor on the encores. A very long set, with some odd cover versions.


Set 1
1. Baby Sister
2. Living In A Village
3. Olof Palme
4. Moscow Drug Club
5. Southern Mark Smith
6. What's The Matter, Boy?
7. Girl-Go
8. Bigfoot Motel
9. Partytime
10. Zombie Love
11. Hysteria
12. Angels
13. Just Like Bettie Page
14. Chickentown
15. Hollow Girl (Karl Wolf)
16. Leaving It Up To You (John Cale)
17. Rain
18. Speedy Gonzales (Hess, Kaye, Lee)
19. Girlfriend
20. Stand By Me (Ben E. King)
21. Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)
22. Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones)
23. Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
24. Almost Prayed (The Weather Prophets)
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