Live Performance


Date: Thursday, 1st of November 1990 657446400 (26 years 243 days ago)
Venue: University
Location: Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( saxophone )


the gig at Louis'
I was thar. My missus thought that M Fish was cute. She's forgotten the concert now, though.
Credit: Saskatoon (Sunday, 20th of August 2000 - 16 years 313 days ago)
video footage
Hey I still have the video footage from this show.

I also still have the audio tapes from when we went down to the radio for the after gig party.

We thought it was only and audio tape but the guys before us left the transmitter on and we broadcast the whole party.

What a hoot....but what to do with the tapes?

Credit: Jeff in Saskatoon (Thursday, 15th of November 2007 - 9 years 225 days ago)
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