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Date: Thursday, 8th of November 1990 658051200 (26 years 236 days ago)
Venue: The Diamond
Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( saxophone )


days on tour work into a simple regime: up around 8, sample the hotels coffee and on the road by 8h30 for a 5 hour drive. unload the bus, soundcheck for about an hour, peruse the local eateries and relax until the show begins. whereas the JBC stay in hotel and drive during the day, the BA drive directly through the night in the rock-n-roll chicken (the damned thing has huge flying eagles painted all over it much to the JBC bemusement!) and wake up in the next town. the hotel was full of teenagers with black tee-shirts waiting to get a glimpse of AC/DC who were staying a few floors up. laurence (the stubborn JBC bass player) managed to sleep in too late and the hotel management insisted that we pay for another day. "they check in... but they cant check out!" the JBC do not particularly like canada. it takes $23 to fill the car with gas. *i* do not particularly like canada.
One of My Favorite Shows of All Time
This was one of my Favorite Rock N Roll shows of all time. The Diamond Club is gone, but the JBC will live on forever!



Credit: Harry in Toronto (Monday, 17th of October 2011 - 5 years 253 days ago)
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