Live Performance


Date: Saturday, 30th of May 1992 707209200 (25 years 58 days ago)
Venue: Pine Street Theatre
Location: Portland Washington USA
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Peter Crouch ( guitar ) , Nick Burson ( drums )


pine street gig in portland oregon
Thanks Pat! what an excellent show! you sang Angels to the girl who became my wife. She says that was the most romantic gift! (even though she's a metalica fan) I am forever greatful you came to portland oregon that night! I wish you would come back again! ps- do you remeber randy and the down home boys? im steve butcher, the drummer. Im sue you'll never read this but I hope you do -sb
Credit: hillsboro, ore u.s.a. (Saturday, 25th of November 2000 - 16 years 242 days ago)
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