Live Performance


Date: Thursday, 25th of February 1993 730627200 (24 years 152 days ago)
Venue: Kremlin
Location: Amsterdam North Holland Netherlands
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Peter Crouch ( guitar ) , Nick Burson ( drums )
Joe Foster

Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

A hipster hangout in a scary and squalid part of town. Small and full (100?150?) and quite cheerful. French drunks. Drive back to Breda cursing the gas stations that only work on credit cards. Tony gets breath tested by The Man and comes up negative. We all applaud as we drive away from the bewildered cops.


French Drunk(s)
Hey I can remember that gig, being one of the two frenchmen there I guess my friend was my drunk one.

You did a great cover of sweet jane, and that hipster bar was rather empty that night, as it usually was, unless they were showing a football game ...

Playing Distressed many years later...


Credit: Gabriel (Thursday, 19th of April 2012 - 5 years 94 days ago)
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