Live Performance


Date: Thursday, 17th of February 1994 761472000 (23 years 193 days ago)
Venue: Arapaho
Location: Paris France
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Nick Burson ( drums ) , Curtis E. Johnson
Quality: 7 (out of 10), Performance: A
Credit: Lucien Borderline


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Credit: Pierre Guillaume

Pat Says

The Butcher reviews the tour.

Pascal Legras has been busy; as soon as we arrive in the venue he is on the phone: "I've made you a backdrop - can you pick it up?" It's huge, and covered in penguins. We'd hoped to have Michael open again here, but unfortunately a dirty hippy youth had already been booked to do his Kurt Cobain impressions. Nonetheless, the JBC show is a monster, the best Paris for years. the love bus throws an after-gig tantrum, but is soon re-animated. Perhaps an hour later we finally find the hotel - very nice, but a little discreet, non?


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