Date: Saturday, 25th of September 2004 1096095600 (12 years 309 days ago)
Venue: Fred Ryan's Farm
Location: Builth Wells Wales
Wilson Headstone ( Pat Fish ) ( guitar, vocals ) , Misery Wilson ( Kathy Schaer ) ( bass ) , B-Man ( Ian Botterill ) ( MC ) , G-Man ( Steve Gordon ) ( stratocaster ) , Agent Wilson ( Russell Cooper ) ( percussion )


In the immortal words of Chuck D, here we go again. On Saturday 25th September the entire NN1 underground packs up and heads west, for it's time for one of Fred's mighty parties. All manner of sporting and cultural events and curry goat too, if I'm getting the hang of it.

Entertainment subject to change at this point, but liable to involve P-Hex, Wilson and Good Cop Bad Cop. Plus local acts and DJs. Bring camping stuff and supplies!


Pat Says

Another top night on the farm! Dirty Macs astonished everybody by opening with NWA's Feck Tha Police, followed by a storming God Save The Queen. At last, an anti-social pub covers band! Hurrah! Big Bang had a major Janis Joplin thing going on, and they wore it well - not easily done, so congrats to them and all. Wilson were vile, threw their instruments around with gay abandon, and went to sleep in a tent. There was jamming and there were ducks. Well done everybody!


Looking forward to seeing you all again>Dont worry about cold, a massive bonfire is under construction that Iran would envy.The other bands are The Dirty Macs from Northampton and Big Bang from Bristol a bar will be run all proceeds to Builth Balkan Crew,Anyone interested in progress we are flying out to Romania to inspect ground slab and sewerage ,septic tanks and the like .On behalf of everyone involved thanks to all,lets party
Credit: Fred Ryan (Tuesday, 21st of September 2004 - 12 years 312 days ago)

its kev here from "dirtymac".(guitar player)

i cant remeber much from the crazy farm gig cause i was so smashed myself, but u guys sounded great, i must admit after i played the first set i had to chill by the campfire to take a break so i missed some of your songs, just been readin some of your lryics , there great i love musicians/writers expressing politics and freedom which is life, our band are writing tons of political music

i.e. a verse from one of my songs,

"who had the power,who got the power

whose turn for their darkest hour

who has the resource of blood or gold

the governments morse code

or us people they hold"

guys keep rocking, if u wanna do any joint gigs or anything lets us know.


Credit: kev-dirtymac (Thursday, 14th of October 2004 - 12 years 290 days ago)
What to think...
What a weekend!

Something daft like seven hours of driving to play a gig on a farm ... was it worth it?

Hell yes!

Three bands that played excellent sets, a mad DJ between, beer flowing throughout the day and most of the night ... can't wait til next year!

See ya soon!

Credit: Sean, Northampton (Friday, 15th of October 2004 - 12 years 288 days ago)
Builth 2005
Are you boyz going down on the farm again this year for another bonfire, beer, burger and booming music?
Credit: DirtyMAc (Monday, 18th of April 2005 - 12 years 103 days ago)
Yep, looks like we'll be seeing you there, you dirty macks. We're down like a fangtooth.
Credit: NN1 (Friday, 13th of May 2005 - 12 years 78 days ago)
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