Date: Friday, 1st of April 2005 1112342400 (12 years 88 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
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Friday 1st April 2005 Masters Of Budvar - at- The Labour Club, Northampton

The Moobs

From Cheshire, the duo of guitarist/songwriter Jim Farmer and bassist Andy Shardlow has created a unique style that puts them at the leading edge of the developing New Acoustic scene. Their debut CD, Form Shape and Fashiion, produced by Nigel Stonier, is a fresh and accessible waxing, described as both "an understarted, raw, heartfelt sound" and "brutally tender". Their song "Tinderbox" secured them a headlining slot at Masters of Budvar as soon as we heard it. For this gig Jim and Andy will be joined by a drummer and by Incredible String Band violinist Fluff for what promises to be a storming performance.

Artist Website:

Anton Barbeau

Hailing from Sacramento, California, the eccentric Mr. Barbeau counts Andy Partridge of XTC and Nick Salomon of the Bevis Frond among his admirers. Masters of Budvar ran into him at London's 12 Bar Club last October and a deal was done. So here's what people are saying about him...

"Prolific, pretentious, precocious, intelligent, quirky, nasal, amusing, annoying to some, pop genius to others, and never ever boring -- this, my friends, is the cumulative description of northern California's musical auteur Anton Barbeau." -Pop Matters

"It's a rare thing these days to stumble upon musical genius. While many musicians are happy to travel a currently established road, Anton Barbeau veers off into a direction not heard since the heyday of 60's pop."

Oh my God, it's you... I finally get to meet you!" -Andy Partridge

Artist Website:

Paul Cox

Northampton's lushest, dreamiest songwriter makes a welcome return to Masters of Budvar. Hypnotic tunes and elegant, world-weary wordplay are surely to be expected.

Artist Website:

So there it is. It's all free and it kicks off at nine o'clock in the evening. Masters of Budvar, doing it for the love of a good night out.


Oh my god. It's Anton. I finally get to chase him round the Labour Club. So when's the Black Watch coming back?
Credit: Northapton, England (Wednesday, 16th of March 2005 - 12 years 103 days ago)
Curtis Fraser
So, after a tip off from a friend I finally discover

where the well known light fingered tea leaf

known to you as Curtis Johnson, to me Fraser

has been hiding himself these last few years!

Jazz Butcher people beware; double check

your record and CD collections, you may well

find them a few titles short, oh, and don't leave

your guitars unguarded, as you'll find them for

sale in the local pawn shop the next day. This

man had no morals - I had the misfortune to

have had most of my record collection stolen

by him. I guess he has even fewer still now

he's become a sasanach!

The Entrail Divider, Edinburgh.

Credit: Edinburgh (Monday, 28th of March 2005 - 12 years 92 days ago)
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