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Date: Thursday, 27th of October 2005 1130396400 (11 years 277 days ago)
Venue: KIR
Location: Barnerstrasse 16, 22765 Hamburg Germany
Telephone: 040/43 80 41
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals )
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Masters of Budvar present The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy Soul Revue featuring Pat Fish , Max Eider & Owen Jones plus Curtis E. Johnson
Joe Woolley


KIR, hamburg
Dear Pat,I'm waiting very patiently for the 27. of Oct.

I'm waiting very patiently for the 27. of Oct.

It's so pretty nice, you're so faithful since the 'good old' times at Onkel Pö... I'm really glad about it...

Verena (from Hamburg)

Credit: hamburg (Sunday, 25th of September 2005 - 11 years 308 days ago)
Dear Pat,

hope well meet at the Kir.

Its been a long time since your 25 anniverary tour in Bielefeld (sorry for that) and the Logo/ Onion.

Yours sincerely

Dirk Fresemann

Credit: YourTown, USofA (Wednesday, 12th of October 2005 - 11 years 292 days ago)
what about stuttgart?
hi to the jbc or so...

in 2005 is only one gig in germany (hamburg)


in the south are always fans of jbc!!!!!!

please check it out!?

see you hyperactive

Credit: Stuttgart (Friday, 14th of October 2005 - 11 years 289 days ago)
wow, thats the word, wich describes the gig last night! Thank you for this groovie night and for playing "la mer".
Credit: Hamburg (Friday, 28th of October 2005 - 11 years 275 days ago)
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