Date: Friday, 2nd of September 2005 1125644400 (11 years 299 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
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Masters of Budvar present our headliner: TIM KEEGAN

I first saw Tim Keegan play in 1986, when he was still a student and his band opened for the JBC. He has been making music ever since, leading his bands Homer, The Homer Lounge and The Departure Lounge through a succession of delicious recordings and worldwide concert tours. He has collaborated with Robin Hitchcock and played in the Blue Aeroplanes' veritable Foreign Legion of ace guitar-slingers. He is in the front rank of original British songwriters, comparable with Ray Davies, Morrissey or Boo Hewerdine. I don't - at this stage - know in what format he will be appearing, but he is somebody that I have dreamed of booking for Masters of Budvar since we opened, and I have no doubt that - however he presents his music - he is guaranteed to be sensational.

Masters of Budvar present our guests: THE MAX EIDER EXPERIENCE

Ladies and gentlemen, the elegantly-wasted JBC guitar supremo has himself a supergroup. On the drums is June Miles-Kingston, who drummed and sang on about 85% of all listenable British hits of the nineteen-eighties. Remember the cool girlie harmonies on those calssic Funboy Three singles? June. On guitar is Simon Mawby, whose past credits include tours and records with The Woodentops, The House of Love and The Communards. On bass, flying in from Los Angeles, is Mister Steven "Twin Cadillac" Valentine, bass player of the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, and on guitar and vocals, none other than the man himself, Max Eider . And their first ever performance? Why, it's right here at Masters of Budvar. And it's at nine-thirty, so don't even consider being late.

Masters of Budvar present our guests: THE NEW MOON

Making a welcome return to Masters of Budvar, Matt Sewell and his posse from Oxford bring a lovely, swirling acoustic sound with shades of Hitchcock Robin and Buckleys Jeff and Tim. Infamous for having written a song about Terry Walpole's camera, The New Moon make a cracking start to possibly the best bill that the Masters of Budvar have yet hosted.

It's at the Labour Club, Charles Street, Northampton on Friday 2nd September 2005. It's free to get in, the vibes are friendly, the beer is cheap, the lights are pretty, the PA is warm and the speeches are short. Doors are open from 7:30pm and the first act will take the stage at nine o'clock sharp. The Masters of Budvar thank you.

Masters of Budvar present


The Labour Club

Charles Street

Northampton NN1


Friday 2nd September 2005

Tim Keegan

Tim Keegan has been on the Masters of Budvar wish-list since we opened. He is a super-talented British songwriter. For several years Tim and his band Departure Lounge were based in Nashville, Tennessee. There they made a brace of albums which garnered all manner of critical acclaim. Their 1999 waxing "Out Of Here" is a classic late night record, required listening for those who value the Velvet Underground's third album, Leonard Cohen or the tender (dark) side of the Perfect Disaster. More recently Tim lived and recorded in Paris, where he worked with ace French producer Kid Loco. He has also toured and recorded with Robin Hitchcock (he can be seen in Jonathan Demme's "Storefront Hitchcock" movie) and played guitar with the Blue Aeroplanes. Now he is back in the UK and making a rare and precious solo appearance right here in Northampton. Did you dig Micky Greaney or Ramon de Juan when they played? Come see Tim.

Max Eider & His Orchestra

You may well know Max Eider as the exceptional guitarist with The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy or David J. You know the guy: tall and elegantly wasted with a sound like a tripped-out Wes Montgomery and fingers that grown men find troubling to gaze upon. His 1987 album "The Best Kisser In The World" is a much sought-after collector's item, and his 2001 release "Hotel Figueroa" even earned him column inches in Forbes Magazine! Tonight, for the first time, he presents his all-star orchestra, featuring Steven "Twin Cadillac" Valentine (bass) and Pat Beirne (harmonica) from the current JBC line-up, along with vocalist Lynda Skulpone (from Los Angeles underground band Saltypop), guitarist Simon Mawby (who has played with the Woodentops, Jimmy Somerville and the House of Love) and world-class drummer and vocalist June Miles-Kingston (who has played with everybody from Funboy Three to Everything But The Girl). Expect the lushest of loungecore backing to provide the perfect setting for Eider's bittersweet songwriting skills. Find out more than you need to know at:

The New Moon

Hailing from Oxford and boasting one of the finest bassists to grace our club, the New Moon made their Masters of Budvar debut last November. They specialise in a kind of psychedelic folk music, spinning out great tumbling chord sequences with powerful vocals soaring way up there above. Comparable to the aforementioned Mr. Hitchcock or perhaps Jeff Buckley, the New Moon make a surprisingly muscular sound that repays your attention in spades. They are also the only band in the world currently known to have a song about Terry Walpole and his camera.

This all kicks off at 8:30pm


I really belive in these, music....
Yes, I should be in england by this date, but Iīm having a little problem with the devil, his is fucking hard! for some time, and All things are geting wrong!!! And precisely on the this time of the supreme music!!! I canīt go anymore, this travel is history, Max (lead guitar on Jazz Butcher, best singer, I said this for Pat Fish once, he didnīt answer, at all! Who loves you know on that glorious an acoustic record... Who was singing?), June, Ilove her, a drumer, singer, pianist, guitarist a really music girl! David J. Will be there? he still alive?. I really love to be there and listen to these for sure best music of the world. I Iīm have Also the sure tha for some I can get there, as a brazilian muslin like, I will be killed by the Yard!!! Wish you all best luck (donīt need) And play some real listenable, actuall music!!!!
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Wow !
It's been 2 weeks and I'm still mesmorised!

When oh when will we see Max & his truely magnificent orchestra again?

Terry Walpole can't be wrong!

Credit: Northants (Friday, 16th of September 2005 - 11 years 285 days ago)
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