Date: Friday, 7th of April 2006 1144393200 (11 years 82 days ago)
Venue: The Labour Club (Website)
Event: Masters of Budvar present
Location: 95-97 Charles St Northampton England NN1 3BG
Admission: free
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Masters of Budvar present


The Labour Club

Charles Street, Northampton NN1


Friday 7th April 2006

Your headliners

Black Carrot

Artist Website:

Since their last appearance at Masters of Budvar, Black Carrot have recorded three full albums, appeared on BBC Radio 3, added a vocalist and filled the theatre in their native Market Harborough with nerve-jangling improvisations around the stories of Edgar Allen Poe. Three ultra-talented musicians and a gaunt, imperious de-frocked thespian, the Carrot are demanding, intimidating, frenetic and mental. Frankly, you wouldn't dare make them up. As febrile and hostile as Van Der Graaf Generator, as pounding and grainy as Faust, as instinctive and mercurial as Can, this is one far-out combo.

They support The Fall at the Charlotte in Leicester on Friday 24th March before heading to Northampton's most demented little nightclub to perform - and I kid you not - their own unique interpretation of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis".

Yes, that is right - Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis".

Your special guests

Mrs. Pilgrimm and the Naked Nuns

Artist Website:

She is one of Northampton's finest artists, the girl with the cello and the time machine, not forgetting that super-cool voice of hers. Mrs. Pilgrimm has an international reputation, having played with the likes of Lou Barlow (Dinosaur Jr) and Michael Rother (Neu). Her album "Alone Queen" is one of the finest ever to come out of Northampton and it belongs in your collection.

Tonight she appears accompanied by her new live band, The Naked Nuns.

Are you getting a feel of this evening yet?

That's right - It's going to be far-out.

Your superstar DJ

Alex Novak

Artist Website:

Leader of the legendary Venus Flytrap, proprietor of Northampton's number one indpendent record shop, concert promoter and the man behind Pulse audiozine, Alex stole the show at the Labour Club's John Peel Night with a magisterial DJ set. Tonight he takes his rightful place among the great and the good, spinning his own far-out selection.

Entry to this far-out event is, as usual, entirely free.

The bar is open until midnight and bottles of Budvar are the lovely big half-litre ones.

Mrs. Pilgrimm and the Naked Nuns will be onstage at 9:10pm

Black Carrot onstage at 10:15pm

Far out.


Hello - This sounds like an evening not to be missed - if black carrot are anything near as good as my dad's interpretation of Knut Hansen's 'Hunger' last christmas,(performed without interlude or intermission in south northamptonsire) then it will be a smash.

...And mrs. Pilgrimm has a band!

best wishes, I'm sorry but I probably won't make it along.

from Scott.

Credit: Scott. N.E. China (Thursday, 16th of March 2006 - 11 years 104 days ago)
Black Carrot
Black Carott were superb. 10/10 to the one the call Pat the Fish for booking the most surpirsing and brilliant act I'm likely to see all year. Already. And it's not even Easter.
Credit: Nixon Mcvicar (Wednesday, 12th of April 2006 - 11 years 77 days ago)
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