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Date: Sunday, 28th of May 2006 1148799600 (11 years 57 days ago)
Venue: The General Elliott Festival
Location: (Near) Oxford England
Admission: free
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Misery Wilson ( Kathy Schaer ) ( bass ) , Russell Cooper ( percussion )
Pat Fish
Headstone and Misery
Russell Cooper and Pat Fish
Pat Fish
Russell Cooper and Pat Fish
Pat Fish
Credit: antisyzygy


Sunday 28th May 2006 - The General Elliott Festival, near Oxfodd - Pat Fish plays live at about 7:00pm with digital shit and live percussion from Agent Russell Cooper (Wilson/Sumosonic/Mystic Crew/JBC).

I have no more details than this. Local guides suggest that this alleged General Elliott might be in the area known as South Hinksey, but I cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of such allegations, nor can I tell you who the allegators might be. I suspect that the event will be free to get in as well, but I don't want any law suits, you understand?


Photos of Pat & Russell
Great gig: "Buffalo Sniper" was particularly foaming and furious, and the cover of "Another Day on Earth" is better than Brian Eno's version. The garden of the General Elliott was swarming with a new generation of 3-8 year-old Butcher fans. I've posted a few photos of Pat & Russell at:

Credit: Michael, Oxford (Sunday, 28th of May 2006 - 11 years 57 days ago)
General Elliott Music Festival
I was there too! Great gig. Pat was great - support acts a bit ropey though.


Credit: Lovely Woodnymph (Wednesday, 31st of May 2006 - 11 years 54 days ago)
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