Date: Saturday, 29th of November 2008 1227945600 (8 years 236 days ago)
Venue: The Roadmender
Location: Northampton England
Admission: £5:00
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Wilson have a gig at The Roadmender in Northampton NN1 on Saturday 29th November. Tickets are 3:00 in advance or 5:00 on the door.


What a gig!
Another blindin' gig from a full Wilson crew. It was good to see you all together enjoying yourselves. Even Misery Wilson had a good time! Some say that this was Wilson's last gig..... Let's say it was just the last for 2008, you have to come back ! Where will we all get our fix in 2009 eh?
Credit: Roadie Rocket NN2 (Monday, 15th of December 2008 - 8 years 220 days ago)
when and where?
Ah, we already know.

Because we know everything.

Credit: Wilson monkeys (Monday, 15th of December 2008 - 8 years 219 days ago)
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