Date: Saturday, 17th of October 2009 1255762800 (7 years 223 days ago)
Venue: The Blue Palms Brewhouse (Website)
Location: 6124 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles California USA
Admission: free
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals )


Next to the Henry Fonda Theatre

Admission free!

Support from excellent quartet, The Firkins.

They sing about beer.

Pat Says

Sold out. Sweaty. Loud.




See These Guys
Had an opportunity to see JBC Saturday Oct10th and they rocked the location to it's foundation.

I highly recommend their show, for an evening that will be reminiscent of the days when bands had a great mix of humor, style and something to dance about.

Credit: Steve C - Fontana CA (Thursday, 15th of October 2009 - 7 years 224 days ago)
any chance of a stop off in denver while you're stateside...if the road is your route back to the east coast then the mile high city would be a perfect place for a lay over and a show...just saying
Credit: nick in denver (Thursday, 22nd of October 2009 - 7 years 217 days ago)
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