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Date: Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015 1435042800 (2 years 36 days ago)
Venue: Paul's Place (Website)
Location: 76 Rue Notre Dame Bordeaux France
Telephone: 0673 65 31 96
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Steve Garofalo ( drums ) , Steve New ( upright bass ) , Simon Taylor ( trumpet )
Credit: Leighton Bobby Cousins



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Day trip to France
So, two years ago today, I kind of remember jumping on a early flight from Birmingham to Bordeaux. Which materialised into probably the shortest gig I've ever attended. (& there's been a few)

Now Bordeaux's a pretty big city, they have trams & everything....So after spending the day sightseeing in the sun, it was time to find Paul's place - follow the main Rue out of the city, a few left's around the back streets and your there.... well I certainly wasn't there & the time was getting on. I stopped for a beer or two, eventually found my bearing's and headed on to gig.

Hurray, found Pauls place, so I squeezed in, found a seat in amongst some locals eating their dinner & ordered a beer, by this time the band were already well into their set, & definitely looks as though they were enjoying them selves'.

The gig finished, So headed off in search of wine & supper - & found both in the way of an outdoor wine bar open until 3.00 am.....("it'll be fine, my flight back is not until lunchtime" I told myself.....

Anyway, thanks for the gig. They may have played - 'Living in a village', 'Dunking Bagels'&'Le,Mer'

But then again they may not - don't take my word for it.....

Credit: Nicholas L Dawson NN29 (Friday, 23rd of June 2017 - 35 days 5 hours ago)
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