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This Is Sumo
This inaugural disk is decidedly un-Butcheresque, with a keyboard-heavy attack of quasi-techno rhythms. Pat was known to dabble in reverb and noise, but the results were moody, melancholy textures, quite unlike the flash of This is Sumo.
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Anita Allbright : Vocalist
17 documented events where Anita Allbright performed
1996 1 (Sumosonic)
1997 4 (Sumosonic)
1998 12 (Sumosonic)
19th of September, 1998 (Saturday)
@ Saint John Arms
Melchbourne England
8th of September, 1998 (Tuesday)
@ The Concorde
Brighton England
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1st of August, 1998 (Saturday)
Sundaze Festival
@ Rushton Hall
Rothwell, Northants England
8th of May, 1998 (Friday)
@ Louisiana Club
Wapping Road
Bristol England
18th of April, 1998 (Saturday)
@ The Cy-Bar
Middle Street
Brighton England
14th of April, 1998 (Tuesday)
@ Water Rats
Gray's Inn Road
London England
4th of February, 1998 (Wednesday)
@ Black Bottom Club
Northampton England
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31st of January, 1998 (Saturday)
@ The Cavern
Exter England
30th of January, 1998 (Friday)
@ Louisiana Club
Wapping Road
Bristol England
28th of January, 1998 (Wednesday)
@ The Richmond
Brighton England
20th of January, 1998 (Tuesday) 10:00pm
@ The Garage
London England
17th of January, 1998 (Saturday)
@ Mole's Club
Bath England
29th of August, 1997 (Friday)
@ The Rockin' Horse
Abington Square
Northampton England
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9th of August, 1997 (Saturday)
@ The Monarch
Camdem Town, London England NW1
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3rd of August, 1997 (Sunday)
Sundaze Festival
@ Rushton Hall
Kettering Northamptonshire, England
11th of March, 1997 (Tuesday)
First Sumosonic performance
@ Powerhaus
London England
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31st of December, 1996 (Tuesday)
@ The Racehorse
15 Abington Square
Northampton England NN1
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