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86 events where Nick Burson performed
1992 48 (JBC)
1993 22 (JBC)
1994 16 (JBC)
19th of February, 1994 (Saturday)
@ Zinetti
Breda North Brabant, Netherlands
[pat reviews]
18th of February, 1994 (Friday)
@ Odd Balls
Dordrecht South Holland, Netherlands
[pat reviews]
17th of February, 1994 (Thursday)
@ Arapaho
Paris France
[photos] [audio recording] [pat reviews] [songlist]
16th of February, 1994 (Wednesday)
@ CLUB 3000
Clermont-Ferrand France
[pat reviews]
15th of February, 1994 (Tuesday)
@ Le Bikini
Toulouse France
[with band of note] [pat reviews]
12th of February, 1994 (Saturday)
@ Anciennes Prisons
Moudon France
[pat reviews]
11th of February, 1994 (Friday)
@ I.S.C.
Bern Switzerland
[pat reviews]
10th of February, 1994 (Thursday)
@ Palais Xtra
Zurich Switzerland
[pat reviews]
9th of February, 1994 (Wednesday)
@ Cafe Des Grandes Places
Fribourg Switzerland
[pat reviews]
8th of February, 1994 (Tuesday)
@ Usine
Geneva Switzerland
[pat reviews]
6th of February, 1994 (Sunday)
@ Nachtleben
Frankfurt Germany
[pat reviews]
5th of February, 1994 (Saturday)
@ Kamp
Bielefeld Germany
[pat reviews]
4th of February, 1994 (Friday)
@ Live station
Dortmund Germany
[pat reviews]
3rd of February, 1994 (Thursday)
@ Rumer
Bremen Germany
[pat reviews]
2nd of February, 1994 (Wednesday)
@ The Loft
Berlin Germany
[pat reviews]
1st of February, 1994 (Tuesday)
@ Logo
Grindelallee 5
Hamburg Germany 20146
[pat reviews]
13th of March, 1993 (Saturday)
@ Spielboden
Dornbirn Austria
[pat reviews]
12th of March, 1993 (Friday)
@ Kino
Ebensee Austria
[pat reviews]
11th of March, 1993 (Thursday)
@ Szene Wien
Vienna Austria
[with band of note] [pat reviews]
10th of March, 1993 (Wednesday)
@ Utopia
Innsbruck Austria
[pat reviews]
9th of March, 1993 (Tuesday)
@ Glocklturm
Linz Austria
[pat reviews]
7th of March, 1993 (Sunday)
@ Arge Nonntal
Salzburg Austria
[pat reviews]
6th of March, 1993 (Saturday)
@ Ex Macchina
Forli Italy
[pat reviews]
5th of March, 1993 (Friday)
@ Auditorium Flog
Florence Italy
[pat reviews]
4th of March, 1993 (Thursday)
@ Circolo Palomar
Valenza Po Italy
[pat reviews]
2nd of March, 1993 (Tuesday)
@ Luxor
Cologne Germany
[with band of note] [pat reviews]
28th of February, 1993 (Sunday)
@ The Loft
Berlin Germany
[with band of note] [pat reviews]
27th of February, 1993 (Saturday)
@ Logo
Grindelallee 5
Hamburg Germany 20146
[with band of note] [pat reviews]
26th of February, 1993 (Friday) 11:00pm
@ Zinetti
Breda North Brabant, Netherlands
[pat reviews]
26th of February, 1993 (Friday) 8:00pm
@ Para
Breda North Brabant, Netherlands
[pat reviews]
25th of February, 1993 (Thursday)
@ Kremlin
Amsterdam North Holland, Netherlands
[extra shit] [pat reviews]
24th of February, 1993 (Wednesday)
@ Zinetti
Breda North Brabant, Netherlands
[extra shit] [photos] [pat reviews]
21st of February, 1993 (Sunday) 8:00pm
@ Coatelan
Morlaix France
[pat reviews]
20th of February, 1993 (Saturday)
@ Le Manege En Chantier
Lorient France
[pat reviews]
19th of February, 1993 (Friday)
@ Ubu
Rennes France
[pat reviews]
18th of February, 1993 (Thursday)
@ Floride
Nantes France
[pat reviews]
17th of February, 1993 (Wednesday)
@ Le Jimmy
Bordeaux France
[pat reviews]
16th of February, 1993 (Tuesday)
@ l'Européen
5 rue Boit
Paris France 75017
[pat reviews]
[ticket for 1993/Feb16.html]
22nd of December, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ The Mean Fiddler
24 High Street
Harlesden, London England NW10
9th of September, 1992 (Wednesday)
The Umbrella Fair Festival
@ The Umbrella Fair
Abington Park
Northampton England
28th of August, 1992 (Friday)
@ Ponder's Alley
Rugby England
17th of June, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ The Nick
Birmingham Alabama, USA
[photos] [audio recording]
15th of June, 1992 (Monday)
@ Tipitina's
New Orleans Louisiana, USA
[photos] [audio recording] [songlist]
14th of June, 1992 (Sunday)
@ Fitzgerald's
Houston Texas, USA
13th of June, 1992 (Saturday)
@ Liberty Lunch
Austin Texas, USA
[pat reviews]
12th of June, 1992 (Friday)
@ Clearview
Dallas Texas, USA
[fan review]
10th of June, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ The Mason Jar
Phoenix Arizona, USA
[extra shit]
7th of June, 1992 (Sunday)
@ Bogart's
Long Beach California, USA
[extra shit] [with band of note]
6th of June, 1992 (Saturday)
@ Winter's
5880 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego California, USA
[ticket for 1992/Jun6.html]
5th of June, 1992 (Friday)
@ Roxy Theatre
Los Angeles California, USA
[audio recording] [with band of note] [songlist]
3rd of June, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ Sweetwater Saloon
Los Osos California, USA
[pat notes]
2nd of June, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ Fx The Club
San Jose California, USA
[fan review]
1st of June, 1992 (Monday)
@ Slim's
San Fransisco California, USA
[extra shit] [fan review] [songlist]
30th of May, 1992 (Saturday)
@ Pine Street Theatre
Portland Washington, USA
[extra shit]
29th of May, 1992 (Friday)
@ Backstage
22nd NW S NW Market
Seattle Washington, USA
[ticket for 1992/May29.html]
27th of May, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ Commodore Ballroom
Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
[press accounts]
26th of May, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ Harpo's
Victoria British Columbia, Canada
24th of May, 1992 (Sunday)
@ The Bronx
Edmonton Alberta, Canada
23rd of May, 1992 (Saturday)
@ McEwen Hall
Calgary Alberta, Canada
22nd of May, 1992 (Friday)
@ University
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada
[extra shit]
21st of May, 1992 (Thursday)
@ Channel One
Regina Saskatchewan, Canada
20th of May, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ Spectrum
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
[extra shit]
18th of May, 1992 (Monday)
@ First Avenue
Minneapolis Minnesota, USA
16th of May, 1992 (Saturday) 8:00pm
@ Lounge Ax
Chicago Illinois, USA
15th of May, 1992 (Friday)
@ Lounge Ax
Chicago Illinois, USA
[extra shit] [audio recording] [songlist]
14th of May, 1992 (Thursday)
@ St Andrew's Hall
Detroit Michigan, USA
13th of May, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ Peabody's Down-Under
Cleveland Ohio, USA
[extra shit] [audio recording] [songlist]
12th of May, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ The Hideaway
St Catherine's Ontario, Canada
10th of May, 1992 (Sunday)
@ Trasheteria
Guelph Ontario, Canada
[extra shit] [photos] [songlist]
9th of May, 1992 (Saturday)
@ El Mocambo
Toronto Ontario, Canada
[extra shit] [audio recording] [songlist]
8th of May, 1992 (Friday)
@ The Bomb Shelter
Waterloo Ontario, Canada
[audio recording]
7th of May, 1992 (Thursday)
@ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Ottawa Ontario, Canada
[audio recording] [press accounts]
6th of May, 1992 (Wednesday) 8:00pm
@ Club Soda
5249 Park Ave.
Montreal Quebec, Canada
[audio recording] [with band of note] [press accounts] [songlist]
5th of May, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ Nightstage
Boston Massachusetts, USA
[audio recording] [scanned setlist] [songlist]
3rd of May, 1992 (Sunday)
@ Club Babyhead
Providence Rhode Island, USA
[photos] [audio recording] [songlist]
2nd of May, 1992 (Saturday) 11:00pm
@ Tramp's
New York New York, USA
2nd of May, 1992 (Saturday) 8:00pm
@ Tramp's
New York New York, USA
1st of May, 1992 (Friday)
@ 9:30 Club
Washington D.C., USA
[photos] [audio recording] [songlist]
30th of April, 1992 (Thursday)
@ Maxwell's
Hoboken New Jersey, USA
[audio recording]
29th of April, 1992 (Wednesday)
@ J.C. Dobbs
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
[audio recording] [video recording] [songlist]
28th of April, 1992 (Tuesday)
@ Max's
Baltimore Maryland, USA
[extra shit] [audio recording] [songlist]
26th of April, 1992 (Sunday) 8:00pm
@ Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA
[photos] [audio recording] [songlist]
[ticket for 1992/Apr26_2000.html]
25th of April, 1992 (Saturday) 8:00pm
@ The Cotton Club
Atlanta Georgia, USA
[photos] [audio recording] [songlist]
24th of April, 1992 (Friday)
@ Georgia Theatre
Athens Georgia, USA
[audio recording] [press accounts] [songlist]
18th of April, 1992 (Saturday)
@ Underworld
London England
11th of April, 1992 (Saturday)
@ Olympic Cinema
Nantes France
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