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38 events where Richard Lohan performed
1986 38 (JBC)
20th of December, 1986 (Saturday)
@ En Bruto
Zaragoza Spain
19th of December, 1986 (Friday)
@ Zeleste
Barcelona Spain
18th of December, 1986 (Thursday)
@ The Garage
Valencia Spain
17th of December, 1986 (Wednesday)
@ Astoria
Madrid Spain
12th of December, 1986 (Friday)
@ Live Station
Dortmund Germany
11th of December, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Zentrum Zoc
Tubingen Italy
9th of December, 1986 (Tuesday)
@ Camelot
Bari Italy
7th of December, 1986 (Sunday)
@ Empire
Catania Italy
6th of December, 1986 (Saturday)
@ Riot Club
Naples Italy
5th of December, 1986 (Friday)
@ Vidia
Cesena Italy
[audio recording] [songlist]
4th of December, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Corallo
Scandiano Italy
2nd of December, 1986 (Tuesday)
@ Szene Wien
Vienna Austria
[audio recording] [songlist]
29th of November, 1986 (Saturday)
@ Nightmeer
Bern Switzerland
28th of November, 1986 (Friday)
@ Domino
Schaffhausen Switzerland
27th of November, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Club 33
Zurich Switzerland
25th of November, 1986 (Tuesday)
@ Rohre
Stuttgart Germany
22nd of November, 1986 (Saturday)
@ Zabo Linde
Nüremberg Bavaria, Germany
21st of November, 1986 (Friday)
@ Manege
Munich Germany
20th of November, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Manege
Munich Germany
19th of November, 1986 (Wednesday)
@ Luxor
Cologne Germany
18th of November, 1986 (Tuesday)
@ Fabrik
Coesfeld Germany
17th of November, 1986 (Monday)
@ Subway
Osnabruck Germany
15th of November, 1986 (Saturday)
@ Schlachthof
Bremen Germany
14th of November, 1986 (Friday)
@ Markthalle
Hamburg Germany
[audio recording] [pat notes] [songlist]
13th of November, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Hunky Dory
Detmold Germany
6th of November, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Ballhaus Tiergarten
Berlin Germany
31st of October, 1986 (Friday)
@ University
Reading England
30th of October, 1986 (Thursday)
@ The Clarendon
London England
[with band of note]
[poster for 1986/Oct30.html]
29th of October, 1986 (Wednesday)
@ Warehouse
Leeds England
24th of October, 1986 (Friday)
@ Tom Allen Centre
London England
23rd of October, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Kingston Polytechnic
London England
[extra shit]
22nd of October, 1986 (Wednesday)
@ University Of Surrey
Guildford England
18th of October, 1986 (Saturday)
@ University
Liverpool England
17th of October, 1986 (Friday)
@ University (U.L.U.)
London England
16th of October, 1986 (Thursday)
@ Sugarhouse
Lancaster England
15th of October, 1986 (Wednesday)
@ Lanchester Polytechnic
Coventry England
13th of October, 1986 (Monday)
@ Academy
Portsmouth England
4th of October, 1986 (Saturday)
@ Essex University
Colchester England
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