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8 documented performances of Stand By Me
1987 5
1 (Pat Solo)
4 (JBC)
1988 1 (JBC)
1989 2 (Pat Solo)
9th of July, 1989 (Sunday)
@ Live Station
Dortmund Germany
[with band of note] [pat solo] [songlist]
7th of July, 1989 (Friday)
@ Große Freiheit 36
Hamburg Germany
[audio recording] [with band of note] [pat reviews] [pat solo] [songlist]
21st of December, 1988 (Wednesday)
@ Market Tavern
London England
[performers listed] [scanned setlist] [songlist]
8th of May, 1987 (Friday)
Third Of A Century Sonic Death Party
@ Working Man's Club
25 St. Giles Street
Northampton England NN1 1JW
[pat solo] [songlist]
12th of February, 1987 (Thursday) 5:00pm
@ Salle De La Cite
Rennes France
[performers listed] [songlist]
10th of February, 1987 (Tuesday)
@ Rex Club
Paris France
[performers listed] [fan review] [press accounts] [songlist]
6th of February, 1987 (Friday)
@ Le Pied
Toulouse France
[performers listed] [songlist]
26th of January, 1987 (Monday)
@ Logo
Grindelallee 5
Hamburg Germany 20146
[performers listed] [audio recording] [songlist]
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