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  • The gift keeps giving
    Thmtelluride[at] - Tom
    22Sep2020 9:14 PM (70 days 15 hours ago)
    Just cranked, very loudly, the Glass/Cartel vinyl 45 of Groovin in the bus lane and Hard on my insane audiophile system here in Brentwood (Los Angeles)CA. I was strutting around my house like a rooster in heat.
    I have been listening to the Butcher since about '83. Saw them Many times on any tour that came within 1000 miles of me. Last show was Mercury Lounge NYC I think in early 2000s. Met Pat on several occasions. An honor.
    It's hard to overstate the joy that your (and Max's) music has brought, and still brings to me over almost 40 years later. I have almost all of the original vinyl. I won't listen on CD. Just isn't the same.
    Your songwriting craft and wit put you among the best in the rock and roll tradition. IMHO.
    Thanks Pat. For the gift of your genius.
  • Sun Is Still Sunny
    richp20[at] - Rich from Calgary, Alberta
    16Aug2020 6:37 PM (107 days 18 hours ago)
    Just listened to Sun Is Still Sunny. Damn. Great cover choice. You can still kick me hard in the feelings when you want to Fishy! Tasty stuff.

    By the way, I'm still holding you to that promise of a set of those rare tunes that I need in cd quality. I bought and devoured the two box sets (Violent and Wasted years) - loved to hear those wonderful songs again - and the liner notes brought a smile and a tear! But I need many of your lesser known gems available in high quality sound!

    Thanks for all the gifts over the years. I still listen to your music often and it is a touchstone and comfort in time like these! Good heath and happiness to you sir! My wallet will always be willing to part with its contents whenever you have more beautiful tunes. to offer!
  • FB Live Show???
    doc6502[at] - Doc
    12Jun2020 7:47 AM (173 days 5 hours ago)
    Live from Fishy Mansions, Sunday 14 June
    Europe 22:00
    London 21:00
    New York: 16:00
    CHICAGO: 15:00
    L.A. 13:00
  • video
    les.guillaume[at] - Pierre Guillaume
    3Jun2020 9:34 AM (182 days 3 hours ago)
    Thanks for your human jungle video. Like we say in french: ces chansons n'ont pas pris une ride...!
  • Re: Box Sets
    therecordstop[at] - Thomas USA
    22Sep2019 4:19 AM (1 year 72 days ago)
    The Violent years and Wasted Years boxes were great. Are we going to see a 3rd covering the last 4 albums? We really should! Thanks